3 Things a Girl Must See Before She’ll Ever Consider Being His Girlfriend...

And why guys who drop the ball on displaying these crucial ‘romantic ingredients’ will really struggle to get a 2nd date, let alone a relationship...

A Reader Emails in to Ask:

how to get a girlfriend There’s Nothing Like the Feeling When Everything Just Flows
a reader writes in

Hey Chase – I need a little help. I have no problem talking to girls and getting a little interest. But I struggle to build any kind of lasting connection with them that actually leads anywhere.

Honestly, I’ve been running in circles with this all my life. Everything seems great and then she ghosts me. I mean, do women enjoy leading guys on or what?

What do you have to do to get a girl to want to be your girlfriend these days?

– Struggling Romantic



From the Desk of Chase Amante:

Girls Chase & “The One Date System”

Chase Amante Has Spent Years Advising Men on How to Get Women Responding to Them Better

I hear you, man…

This has to be the most common complaint I get from guys who feel like they keep striking out with women again and again (even when everything starts out right).

In fact, I spent the first half of my life in a similar cycle.

And it drove me half nuts.

Okay, how do I put this politely?

These are the facts. Women aren’t always all that straightforward about what’s going on in their heads. And what they want. 

Probably not a big newsflash.

And they definitely don’t always make it obvious for you what to do with them next…


Every Guy I Know Has Been Through It - Yes, Even Guys Most Women Get Obsessed With.

She’s always friendly with you.

It really seems like she likes you. In fact, even other people keep telling you they see it.

But it never goes anywhere. 

And every time you write her off and try to move on, there she is, getting in touch again…

But you can’t figure out what to do next to move things along.

Here’s what’s NOT going to help:

Just be yourself. Follow your heart. Take it slow. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

That stuff sounds great… uplifting, even! 


These are hollow, impractical platitudes for a guy trying to wrap his mind around a woman who’s sending mixed signals.

Most guys don’t want to “feel better” about not being chosen.


They want results. 

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.


What You Need Is Actionable, Real-World Information Rooted in Truths About the Female Mind

Men like a path to follow – a set of predictable plans.

And once a guy has what his mind actually craves – a reliable ‘romantic roadmap’ to follow – all that unnecessary fog just vanishes.

He knows what to do with her, what she needs to hear, where to take her next, what she’s waiting for…

The whole dating and relationship thing all starts to seem simple and doable.

So let’s do that…

Let’s take a first step towards clarifying what a woman actually wants from a guy who takes her out.

I’ve boiled this down to 3 different romantic ingredients.

Every girl needs them – in different amounts, at different times – to become a guy’s girlfriend.


Crucial Romantic Ingredient #1: She Needs to FEEL the “Right Connection”

how to get a girlfriend It’s the Most Amazing Moment When You Connect Over the Deep Stuff

Connection is tricky because it can seem so vague and fleeting.

That’s why most guys try to connect with women over all the wrong things…

Stuff they’d connect with a buddy on.

Like shared taste in movies.



Or they focus on experiences they and the girl have in common.


But this is not what connects a woman to you!

And if you constantly find girls get bored on outings, or see her increasingly get lost in her phone, this is probably why…


What Does a Woman Need to Feel a Spark and Natural Warm Connection?

Something scientists call attitude-similarity.

It’s a growing sensation the two of you are sort of “cut from the same cloth.” 

She needs to feel that while in many ways you may be different, you’re both basically decent people with similar core values – in a way, you’re one of her people…

A sense of clicking with you makes her feel she can genuinely trust you. Maybe even be an “us” someday.

This type of intuitive trust is so core to the female experience. It’s how they gauge anyone they meet, really.

And it’s the single biggest factor in getting two people together.

Under any circumstances. For anything a woman or man might want to do together.

So you MUST focus on developing a similarity of attitudes with her… 

Not on hacking together some artificial, contrived connection based on the superficial commonalities so many try-hard guys hang up on!


Crucial Romantic Ingredient #2: Enough Excitement to Have Her Heart Beating a Little Bit Faster By the Time She Gets Home

how to get a girlfriend Women LOVE Being on the Edge of Their Seat…

That sense of authentic connection is great, sure.

But haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “Girls just wanna have fun”?

Most women are in touch with their emotional nature in a way men just don’t quite experience.

For example, consider this.

If a drop dead gorgeous princess type was sitting on your couch right now, staring into her phone and altogether ignoring you, maybe even being rude…

As a man, you’d still be intrigued by her.

Am I right?

That’s because men are very logical. We don’t need to be emotionally-rewarded by her right away to know what a catch she is.

You’ll probably be sitting there thinking how to coax her out of her shell and warm her up to you.

But women need emotional stimulation from the get-go.

They want to feel good around a guy from day one, and if they don’t get it, their attention will drift away.

The best abs or chiseled jawline in the world won’t change that.


Want to Know the Quickest Way to Hack a Woman’s Need to Feel Good Around You?

A little adrenaline.


A subtle but pleasurable sense of risk.

Have you ever taken a girl on a roller coaster ride or watched a horror movie together? And noticed how her conservative poise transformed into an excited, almost mischievous “glow?”

Maybe her eyes lit up.

Her voice took on a fuller, livelier tone.

And in her excited state maybe she even clutched your arm and started touching you a little bit more…



There’s Magic In A Woman’s Desire To Be Aroused.

By the way, when I use the word “arousal,” I’m not just talking about the intimate type.

Doing exciting things triggers an emotion in the brain that we also call arousal (i.e., alertness!).

It feels good whether you’re a woman or a man.

And the more you bring a woman’s mind into an ‘aroused’ state, the more aware, the more alert, and the more absorbed in the moment she becomes.

The more absorbed in YOU.

That absorption naturally leads to more attraction, and the “other” type of arousal.

Look at dates as opportunities to experience the beautiful brain state of arousal together.

Build excitement…


And big thrills…

Be a story worth telling her friends.

Accomplish this one thing and you become very hard to forget.


Crucial Romantic Ingredient #3: Show Her You Have the Backbone to Be Her Leader

how to get a girlfriend Would a Girl Like This Be with Any Man Who Couldn’t Lead Her?

Ever made this mistake when a girl asked, “Where should we go?”

I certainly have (before I knew better).

You reply back with, “I don’t know, where do YOU want to go?”

Then she says, “I don’t know. What about you?”

And you say…”I…”

Ugh. You get the point.

Kinda makes sense so many men are running in circles with that type of circular conversation, right?

Nothing will make a warm woman go cold faster than this specific line of dialogue when out with a man she likes.

And yet SO many men do it…

If you want quality women, you must be assertive and decide what you want, even (or especially) in these innocuous moments.


Because, Yes, Most Women STILL Want a Man to Act Like a Leader.

Sure, feminine power and equality are all the rave these days.

And I know I’ll probably get a little flak for this.

But I deal in psychological truth. So here it is.

Women respect a man who makes decisions and moves forward with what he wants or thinks is best.

Even if she’s that Alpha Female type in her everyday life, she wants to let loose in romantic encounters and let a man take over. And feel like the guy she’s with is strong enough to handle her.

If you don’t believe me, pay attention to how so many otherwise-independent women complain about there being no real men left anymore.

It’s not about being macho and commanding.

It’s about comfortably taking initiative.

(Notice in groups how those less masculine but “cool” guys don’t have to come across domineering to be assertive…but everyone still always ends up doing what THEY want to do.)


The More You Display an Ability to Take the Reins of Life…

And get a woman to follow…

The more it feels like a real romance to her. And the more she can actually see you being together (you become a realistic option instead of just another guy following her around).

She wants to be strong…

But the man who finally clicks with her enough to keep her will be a strong one worth following.

In my “One Date” program, I teach guys to do this all the time – even if they’ve never felt like a leader with other men or women (more on this later).

We use a concept researchers in the fields of persuasion psychology and influence would call “compliance”…

It’s about using very low-investment ways to get women to buy into your mindset and way of doing things.

Starting with things that seem totally irrelevant…

Because the more compliance you get from a girl, the easier the courtship becomes.

She starts following your lead more and more, momentum builds, and you develop a natural dynamic and flow that takes on a life of its own…


By the Way, Have You Ever Noticed How FAST Most Couples Actually Fall Into a Relationship?

how to get a girlfriend

There’s this funny old myth in our culture that messes a lot of guys up.

It’s the myth that women (especially high-quality women) need to really know a guy and go through some long dating process before making a logical decision to become his.

I see so many guys shoot themselves in the foot overcomplicating their pursuit of girls they like.

Look, it’s not 1850 anymore…

And face it.

How many couples you know spent months or years courting?

Probably none.

In most cases, they met each other, the guy said and did the right things (whatever those things were for her), and they got together… fast.

Because if you can give a girl the right experience…

And hit her particular romantic buttons…

You can make her want to be yours surprisingly quick.


So How Do You Make Her “Fall” Into a Relationship With You?

Well, you have to figure out her personal romantic recipe.

This is the key to making your interactions with women unfold naturally.

Basically, you identify the specific kind of experience a certain girl needs…

(Not all women need the same thing in the same dose!)

  • Some women need more connection

  • Some women need more excitement

  • And some women just need you to lead

And fortunately, it only takes about 30 seconds of conversation to figure out which is most important to her.

You can use a little “ping” system I’ve come up with to do this (I’ll tell you about it on the next page).


This is a Central Pillar To My “One Date” System.

See, I spent years studying under some of the most brilliant, prolific romancers in the world.

And I read thousands of scientific studies to isolate these psychological elements and figure out what was really going on at the core foundation of female behavior.

At first so I could use it myself.

And later to teach it to others.

Since then, I have given this system to thousands of guys via the world’s most popular romantic advice website for men, Girls Chase.

And let me just tell you, it blows away any other approach you’ve seen to get high quality girls in your life on a consistent basis.


Guys Use “One Date” to First Figure Out Exactly Which Type of Experience the Girl Needs...

And once you know how to figure that part out, you use the plan laid out in the system to give it to her…

Since it works with her instead of against her…

It all feels natural and your confidence goes through the roof.

Even with girls who are stunners.

Even with desirable women surrounded by their friends and male orbiters.

Even with women who don’t want you yet.

You know in a minute or less of conversation exactly what she needs.

And then, all you do is give it to her.


It Also Takes All the Unnatural Pressure Out of Asking Girls Out…

The One Date System makes getting a “yes” simple to do with 9 women out of 10.

(And I give you some “backup tools” for those 1 out 10 “hard cases” too.)

By the way, women actually love it when you make it easier to say yes.

Because it takes the pressure off of them too!

And she’ll love the date you bring her out on because it hits all her personal romantic buttons.

If all goes to plan, she’ll get home and think about what just happened and immediately start messaging all her friends.


That Feeling Of Success…

Of knowing the cards are slowly but surely ending up on your side of the table…

Until she’s actually doing most of the work for you…

Well, that’s what Girls Chase and the “One Date” System is really all about.

If you want to learn more, watch the video here:

Click To See How To Get Her In Just One Date

In the video, I’ll show you exactly how to ping a girl to find out which ingredient (similarity, arousal, or compliance) she needs most at that moment…

Plus, we’ll go a lot more in depth on how to create those incredible first day experiences that make her start thinking about you more and more…

And what it’d be like to be yours.